Be inspired.

We inspire to act, to discover, to expand competences, experience positive emotions and continuous development.

Be motivated.

We motivate teams of employees and clients to achieve business and personal goals. We create unforgettable impressions and constantly maintain the power of commitment.


Our programs, implemented in in the most interesting parts of Poland and abroad, effectively support our clients in achieving their goals.


An unlimited palette of possibilities and ideas.

A marketing, event and incentive agency combines over 20 years of experience in the implementation of effective incentive programs, perfect organization of events,  professional conferences, fairs and trainings, fascination with new technologies and a holistic approach to participants wellbeing as part of wellbeing programs and digital detox.

Take a deep breath with us,
feel this moment – it’s a moment to breathe, for active rest, relaxation and digital detox.

How can we help your organisation?

Many years of experience in the M.I.C.E. (Meetings- Incentive- Conference- Exhibitions), well-established knowledge in the field of marketing communication and following the current trends in the meetings industry, give us the opportunity to offer our clients a wide range of services, in Poland and abroad.

build a relationship with the client’s brand, engage participants, provide possibilities to maintain relationships and trust, are remembered thanks to emotional experiences

break down barriers, individual weaknesses, strengthen the sense of trust in oneself and the team, give strength to face challenges and determination to achieve goals

reward hard work and motivate, generate emotions, build relationships, brand awareness, trust, effectively engage and bring measurable benefits

make us remember content better, effectively assimilate information, give us space for professional networking, knowledge sharing and development

deliver valuable content in a technological, modern form, reach a wide audience, allow for safe interaction at a distance

our specialization for years, knowledge of pharmaceutical law and the application of compliance principles give us the privilege of organizing scientific conferences and symposia at the highest level

inspire to act, break down barriers, create new skills, consolidate good habits, develop our sense of self-confidence and diversity in the team

give awareness of challenges and inspiration, how can we make the world around us a better place to live for us and our children, how we can help others

allow you to stop for a moment in a galloping world, take a deep breath, break away from technology, focus on our psycho-physical well-being, feel balance and joy

we make dreams about luxury holidays come true! Professionally planned trips tailored to your needs, where the most important for us is your comfort and a sense of carefree. We will take care of every little detail of the trip

we offer foreign clients the organization of meetings, conferences, events and incentive programs in Poland

expeditions, sightseeing, exotic and thematic travels for two, with family or friends. We provide an individual approach to your dream journey

Integrate your teams dispersed by the pandemic. Remind them of the company’s values and the strength
of team activities.


Several hundred completed, various projects in Poland and abroad, knowledge, a professional team and a group of proven service providers


Original projects, always perfectly tailored to the client, to his needs, goals and budget. Refined down to the smallest details, thoughtful and qualitative


Our projects are based on solid foundations of safe solutions, unconventional ideas and cost optimization, while maintaining sustainable standards

The secret of our success

“Professionalism is never accidental. Passion breeds professionalism. Professionalism gives quality. And quality is a luxury in life “

(Jacek Walkiewicz) 

Make sure that the important content of your conference, whether stationary, hybrid or online, is effectively remembered by all  participants.